About MEDRelief Staffing

The innovative programs at MEDRelief Staffing and its parent company, Advanced Health Education Center (AHEC), have won numerous awards including being named to the Houston Business Journal list of Houston's 100 Fastest Growing Companies and INC. magazine's list of America's 500 Fastest Growing Companies. AHEC continues to be a member of INC's 500 Club.

The company was awarded honorable mention in the American Business Association Stevie Awards for Best New Product or Service. We are also proud to announce that we were named by diversitybusiness.com as one of the top 500 Woman Owned Businesses in the United States. The company's programs and benefits are a winning combination for both clients and staffing candidates.

Our clinically experienced staffing team offers a wealth of experience in the recruitment and placement of healthcare professionals nationwide. Because of the experience level of our staff, you can expect the right fit, the first time. Extended business hours during the week make us available 24/7/365. Our after-hours response is handled by our own in-house staffing specialist, not a call center. We believe this personal touch is important in those "wee hour, crunch time situations."

Joint Commission

As a Joint Commission certified Health Care Company, MEDRelief Staffing complies with the employee's and customer's right to express concerns regarding safety or quality of care provided by MEDRelief Staffing.

Any employee who has concerns about the safety or quality of care provided by MEDRelief Staffing may report these concerns to the Joint Commission. MEDRelief does not tolerate retaliation or discrimination against any person who reports any concern, in good faith.

www.jointcommission.org or 630-268-7400

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement

It is the policy of Advanced Health Education Center, Ltd. to afford equal opportunity for employment to all individuals regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, citizenship, veteran status, disability, or genetic information and to prohibit discrimination and harassment based on any of these factors. Advanced Health Education Center, Ltd. also observes the fair employment laws in each respective jurisdiction in which we operate. We are strongly bound to this policy. Therefore, we will take affirmative action to ensure that we:


Conflict of Interest

Advance Health Education Center, Ltd does not participate or condone business practices as a result of conflicts of interest. AHEC defines conflicts of interest as a relationship that provides for the influence of business that can directly or indirectly lead to financial gain for the business, the employee, or the client. AHEC seeks to avoid the negative consequences of conflicts of interest, by identifying, addressing and avoiding those conflicts via employee orientation, handbook and the client agreements. Potential conflicts of interest are identified, communicated and/or disclosed so that the undesirable effects may be offset and lead to collaboration and a resolution and with our customers and employees.


Code of Business Ethics

Advanced Heath Education Center, Ltd. (AHEC), business is governed operationally by a business code of ethics which stresses both corporate and personal integrity. AHEC seeks to comply with both the letter and spirit of the applicable laws and regulatory standards that are prevalent in the healthcare industry. Each employee has a duty and obligation to become familiar with the issues of ethical conduct and legal compliance, and to abide by these principles and policies in all our business relationships and activities. AHEC employees are expected to be honest and forthright in dealings with managers, subordinates clients, competitors, government agencies, business partners and the general public. AHEC employees have an obligation to maintain the highest level of personal integrity and do anything that would bring dishonor upon themselves or the company.